Kevlar Grip

Kevlar Grip

品番: 下記製品詳細をご確認ください
商品名: ケブラー グリップ (デュアル/テーパード)
価格: ¥4,070(¥3,700)
形状: 下記製品詳細をご確認ください


品番 形状
G165 デュアルグリップ
G166 テーパードグリップ


Renthal has developed a special reinforced grip made with increased wear resistance. The grip has all the properties you would expect from a Renthal grip but with the life extending properties of KEVLAR brand resin. The base material contains millions of randomly aligned KEVLAR brand resin particles. As the grip is used more particles are exposed, so the number of particles at the grip surface increases.