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About Us

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Our bikes inspire kids to ride more.

Yotsuba Cycle is a kids bike brand established in 2016 in Japan. “Yotsuba” means “four-leaf clover” in Japanese which is a lucky charm that will bring you good luck. We named our brand after it.

All of us are riders and parents who have been enjoying the two wheels lifestyle. When we got our own kids, we wanted to share this fun with them. But unfortunately, we could not find kids bikes that meet our expectations at affordable prices so we decided to make one by ourselves.

Lightweight, kids centered geometry and kids optimized spec are the key features of our bikes. Because of that, our bikes will make your kids feel comfortable on bikes and will help them to develop their skills faster. Once they are confident that they can control their bikes, it will inspire them to ride more. We have tested our bikes with tons of kids so we know it works well.

I clearly remember how excited I was to see my son got to ride his first pedal bike by himself. Ever since, we have been spending a lot of time on saddles together and sharing precious moments. And now riding bike has become one of the key elements to make our family bond stronger. Teach them how to ride, support them to take a new path, motivate them to try bigger obstacles,,, you will see them growing up through riding.

We have been earnestly working on making the best kids bike which we want our kids to play with. So we believe that our bikes will help your kids and you to have a blast together too. Our mission is to get as many kids on bikes as possible and give them clues to find the joy of two wheels lifestyle.

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